Elementary Program

Having five-years-olds included in our elementary class has truly enhanced the program. Older children are given opportunities to grow as mentors and leaders. The younger students are motivated to emulate their older classmates.
The elementary curriculum builds on the foundation of the primary curriculum. The materials are familiar, but they are used in new and exciting ways! The Montessori classroom offers an open-ended curriculum with extensive materials, which encourages imagination, reasoning, creativity, decision-making, problem-solving, and original thinking. Natural learning styles are respected and supported. Students are free to explore their personal interests. The multi-aged, multi-level curriculum does not focus on comparison or differences in ability or achievements. It focuses solely on the individual child!
The independence and potential of these young learners will shape their knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards all future learning. The elementary program continues to build on the foundation of your child's education!

Casa Pride

- Certified Montessori Specialists
- Special needs trained staff
- Authentic ungraded programs
- Low students-teacher ratios
- Environmentally conscious school
- Green campus
- Nutritious snacks
- Large secure playgrounds

Casa Goals

- Joy of learning
- Creativity
- Academic Skills
- Independence
- Responsibility
- Inner discipline
- Self motivation
- Concentration
- Problem-solving skills

Casa Expectations

- Concerned, caring adults
- Life-long learners
- Environmentally aware and active
- Family and community conscious

Recent Classroom Activities

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