Pre-Primary Program

Young children learn by doing! A carefully prepared environment provides children with hands-on materials which further their skills and development in a variety of areas. Specifically designed materials introduce children to science, math, pre-writing, and pre-reading. Practical Life works such as self-care, food preparation, cleaning, fine and gross motor skills, set the foundation for independent children. Learning patterns established in these early years produce confident, competent learners ready to move on to the primary program. Children are assisted with their personal hygiene needs.

Casa Pride

- Certified Montessori Specialists
- Special needs trained staff
- Authentic ungraded programs
- Low students-teacher ratios
- Environmentally conscious school
- Green campus
- Nutritious snacks
- Large secure playgrounds

Casa Goals

- Joy of learning
- Creativity
- Academic Skills
- Independence
- Responsibility
- Inner discipline
- Self motivation
- Concentration
- Problem-solving skills

Casa Expectations

- Concerned, caring adults
- Life-long learners
- Environmentally aware and active
- Family and community conscious

Recent Events

May 6, 2022
Water table and sensory play!

A water table is a must-have for playtime in any classroom or home. They're not just for water play; they're also perfect for all kinds of sensory play, as well as the development of fine motor skills by scooping and pouring water or squeezing a turkey baster and color mixing with an egg beater.

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