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Infants Program

The qualified and experienced staff in our infant program is exited yo be your partner in the care of your infant! Your baby will feel safe, secure, and happy in our carefully designed infant rooms. Our staff will cuddle, rock, sing to, and bond with your child. We will also begin the foundation of your child's learning through the development of emotional, social, and physical skills. Care is given to ensure that the child and parent's first separation transpires smoothly and healthfully.


Casa Niños School of Montessori, Inc. helps the younger child establish a positive attitude toward school and learning. Activities geared to the child's needs allow for maximum exploration and development of gross motor skills. The environment reflects the child's changing emotional, physical, and intellectual needs. As the toddler's independence grows, activities expand, and confidence and self-esteem emerges.


Young children learn by doing! A carefully prepared environment provides children with hands-on materials which further their skills and development in a variety of areas. Specifically designed materials introduce children to science, math, pre-writing and pre-reading. Practical Life works such as self-care, food preparation, cleaning, fine and gross motor skills, set the foundation for independent children. Learning patterns established in these early years produce confident, competent learners ready to move on to the primary program. Children are assisted with their personal hygiene needs.


Manipulative materials are used in this diverse environment. The mixe-aged classroom encourages social interaction, use of communication skills and cooperative learning. Children learn respect for themselves, others, and their planet. Students work independently while becoming an integral part of their learning process. Areas of learning include practical life exercises, sensorial experiences, math and geometry, science, language, writing, geography, and cultural subjects.

Accelerated Primary

The needs of four and five years old are quite unique! This can be a time of great transition, a time of natural leadership, or a time of confusion. In a constant state of transition, the kindergartener needs to be evaluated and provided with an environment most suited to their individual personality and academic needs. Casa Niños School of Montessori, Inc. has the unique ability to place a child in the program that will truly meet the needs of the child–whether they are a leader in the primary program, or are being challenged in our elementary program.


Having five-year-old included in our elementary class has truly enhanced the program. Older children are given opportunities to grow as mentors and leaders. The younger students are motivated to emulate their older classmates.

The elementary curriculum builds on the foundation of the primary curriculum. The materials are familiar, but they are used in new exciting ways! The Montessori classroom offers an open-ended curriculum with extensive materials, which encourages imagination, reasoning, creativity, decision-making, problem-solving, and original thinking. Natural learning styles are respected and supported. Students are free to explore their personal interests. The multi-aged, multi-level curriculum does not focus on comparison or differences in ability or achievements. It focused solely on the individual child!

The independence and potential of these young learners will shape their knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards all future learning. The elementary program continues to build on the foundation of your child's education!

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